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You know when you find something incredibly interesting, but its just so interesting you don't even know where to start?

Well, digital hyperlocalism is just that. I found this through Andrew Brown's blog, that I found because he'd commented on a post that I was commenting on the Brockley Central blog about kids letting off fireworks outside my house all night. God, I'm old before my time. Anyway, as a happy result of my hyperlocal interest, I saw that he had this slideshow from William Perrin embedded in his blog, which I thought was brilliant too:

Firstly, I completely agree with the points in this slideshow about Kings Cross - My parents have a flat on Judd Street near St Pancras Station and I've seen first hand in the sixish years I've been living in London (and visiting their flat), the transformation that has taken place in that area.

Now, I'm not putting this down to Perrin exclusively (I think the multi million pound regeneration plans might have something to do with it too), but I'm sure that his hyperlocal approach to news and community information has been a big help.

The whole concept of hyperlocalism through 2.0 media is absolutely fascinating, and something that was completely missed (or certainly misunderstood) during the first internet boom - and it has enormous significance for the design and maintenance of public services, communities and spaces going forward.

This is a fascinating, important topic, and I intend to return to it - mainly because I'm already part of it.

UPDATE: I just noticed that Steve has posted an article on a similar track. Weird. He lives just round the corner from me too, so we were hyperlocally writing about hyperlocalism. Check out his other posts too.

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